Week of April 9: Santiment lists altcoins to watch out for

Altcoin News: The cryptocurrency market, which started the week with a positive trend, followed a horizontal course as of Tuesday, April 9. With only a few days left until the halving event, Bitcoin reached 70 thousand dollars again and is trending horizontally at this level. While Ethereum and other altcoins showed small downward movements, assets such as XRP, Toncoin, and ADA continued to increase at significant rates. In addition, the on-chain analysis firm discussed the crypto money sectors that made significant gains in April and touched upon the assets that will bring profit in the coming period.

Emerging cryptocurrency sectors according to Santiment

Santiment, an on-chain monitoring and analysis company that addresses growth sectors in an X post on Tuesday, April 9, touched upon the growth rates of sectors in the watch lists section. According to the analysis company's shares, the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data sector grew by 8.65 percent, while the growth in the DeFi field was 7.76 percent. In addition, while the total volume of the NFT market increased by 6.74 percent in the last 7 days, the Liquid Staking protocol, which protects the liquidity of assets, also grew by 8 percent.

In addition, the analysis firm's highlighting of AI tokens attracted attention, because the sector in which many investors expected the most development by the end of 2024 was AI tokens. In the AI token ecosystem, NEAR has gained 18.88 percent and TAO has gained 6 percent in the last week.

Source: Santiment watch list There are also newly released AI tokens such as eTukTuk, which can be purchased at advantageous prices before listing. eTukTuk is one of the artificial intelligence-supported projects that offers environmentally friendly transportation solutions for a sustainable future. The most striking aspect of the project is that, although it has a play-to-win theme, it can be used in blockchain-based charging stations for TUK vehicles in the real world.

Visit eTukTuk

According to the latest data, the environmentally friendly token eTukTuk, which is in the pre-sale phase and can be purchased before it moves to a new stage and its price increases, is traded at 0.0295 dollars. The asset purchased by connecting a wallet with options such as ETH, USDT and card continues to grow, collecting a total of $ 2,974,083.

Altcoins that are ahead of the market

After the last bull run, some altcoins performed well against horizontal market conditions and moved ahead of the market. These altcoins, confirmed by Santiment data, include ERC20 tokens, TON, ENA, LDO. Among these rising assets led by Ethereum, Telegram company's local token Toncoin attracts attention with its rise in the last 24 hours. The asset, which rose to $6.59 with a 35 percent price increase in 7 days, is among the coins expected to rise according to the Santiment post.

Lido DAO (LDO) coin is an asset with growth potential with its technical indicators, in addition to gaining more than 7 percent in the last 7 days. LDO, which has a moderately volatile trend with an RSI value of 51.64, is traded at $2.84. While Ethana (ENA) coin was traded at $1.25, it grew by 3.45 percent in the last week. The asset, which came to the fore with whale share sales, can be considered among the prominent coins of the week to watch in terms of weekly and monthly earnings.

The information in the article is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute any investment advice. The author and cryptoparahaber.com are not responsible for your profit or loss arising from the investments you make. Investment is ultimately based on many foundations such as knowledge, experience, research and personal decisions.

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