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Activity rules
To celebrate its grand establishment, Gate Mall is launching a series of special offers to customers! During the ten days starting from December 20th, we will announce 3 commodities that are available for purchase via points redemption at midnight each day. Furthermore, throughout the campaign, all products are offered at a 20% discount, and can be exchanged with 5 X points. The platform will cover the shipping fee for one of your purchased items. Each user can redeem points for up to 3 commodities. UID of users who successfully consume points to purchase commodities will be recorded and may be used for promotional purpose on social media platforms. After the event ends, products will return to their original prices.
1. Event Duration: From December 20, 2023, 00:00 to December 29, 2023, 00:00 (UTC+8).
2. Eligibility: This event is only available for users in Mainland China, including Hong Kong and Macau.
3. During the event, all products are sold at an 80% discount and made available for purchase by a 5x points during the given time.
4. Each day at midnight, we will announce 3 commodities that are available for points redemption that day. For each commodity, we'll set aside 30 pieces for points redemption.
5. Purchase Limit: During the campaign, each person can redeem for a maximum of 3 commodities, and is subject to 3000 points consumption limit every day.
6. Shipping Rules: Free shipping is available for one of all items you purchased.
7. Deliveries may be delayed due to production cycles of certain commodities or geographical reasons. Please wait patiently. We will ship your goods as soon as possible.
8. After the event, products will be sold at their original prices.
9. reserves the final right to interpret this event.