Startup Mining
Startup Mining
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TON (The Open Network) is a Layer 1 smart contract network specializing in financial applications. It was first developed by Telegram’s co-founder Nikolai Durov known as “Telegram Open Network” but has been relaunched as “The Open Network” under the TON Foundation.
Total Rewards2,000 TON
Staking Period7 Days
End Time2024-07-18 00:00:00
Mining Ends In
4 D 11 : 43 : 49
Orange is a Layer 1 blockchain and platform dedicated to User Generated Content (UGC) tools within web3.
Total Rewards6,250,000 ORNG
Staking Period2 Days
TeleportDAO enables trustless and Bitcoin-grade secure connections from Bitcoin to EVM chains and Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions through a light-client bridge.
Total Rewards666,667 TST
Staking Period3 Days
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